I had an open ulcer on my leg about the size of a silver dollar for four years. Doctors treated me for four months without success. For the next four years I tried everything that came my way from healing salves and lotions to chlorophyll compounds. Nothing made very much difference, until I found out about colostrum. Within a month there was noticeable improvement and in just two months, all that remained of the original ulcer was a small scab and very pink skin in the area where the ulcer had been. After four years of searching, colostrum has helped me find the resolution to this problem.


Blake Miller endorses Flex6 for bodybuilding, recovery and building lean muscle.


Colostrum is one of those products that I was fully prepared to purchase from outside the country, even if it meant traveling to Australia and going through the red tape of import regulations to get it here. I had tried six different brands of colostrum and I wasn’t getting any results that I knew were possible. … then I found “first-milking” colostrum and it made all the difference.” Colostrum is an integral part of my practice and needless to say, I am glad I did not have to go halfway around the world for something I feel is so vital to human health.


I’m a financial risk adviser for a fortune 500 company. I’ve hit the “glass ceiling” and cannot expect more than cost of living raises without relocating away from my family and friends. Anovite has changed all of that. I spend a few hours of my spare time each week visiting with my friends in our homes and we share stories about what Anovite’s exciting product line is doing for us. compare our weekly earnings and determine who among our mutual friends we are going to share this with next. We are having fun! Anovite is a great way for us to socialize and accomplish something at the same time. The fact of the matter is that the money has come in handy too. I just bought my first home and Anovite is helping me remodel and decorate the new place.

Thanks Anovite!


It all started with my wife! She wanted to loose some weight and started using the product. I saw the changes in her and knew this was a business opportunity.There are a couple of things that makes Anovite stand out as a home based business. First, the compensation plan is very generous and easy to understand. I made money the first week! Second, the products come with a 90 day guarantee.

It is a no risk opportunity for those that want to loose weight or feel better! Helping people in a no-risk environment and making money! Perfect!


"As a business owner I have a demanding job requiring 50 to 70 hours a week. A dear friend introduced me to the Anovite products and, gently, to the business opportunity. They sent a sample pack directly from the company with some products and information. Well, I loved the products enough to actually look at the business. The cost to start was nominal. I’m no math major but I think $299 for $800 in merchandise is a great deal; and it’s so simple!
The company provided a free website and complete back office for me. All I do is tell my friends about it and send them a package. I’m using this exciting opportunity to buy back my time and, more importantly, to help others at the same time. Additionally, I’ve already earned several times the amount that I invested initially.

Thank you, Anovite, for the extra income and for making business fun again!"


I’M NOT MUCH OF A WRITER BUT HERE GOES MY ANOVITE STORY. My 5 year old daughter has severe asthma and allergies. I was taking her to the emergency room once or twice a month until a neighbor showed me a newsletter and suggested that I try some Anovite Moo Chew samples.

In less than 2 months my daughters breathing problems are gone completely. I was introduced to the business and now I have extra income too. Believe me, as a full-time working, single mother of two beautiful girls, I don’t have much time to do anything. I spend a few hours each week that I’d normally waste in front of the television in exchange for weekly income.

I’ve tried a couple of things in the past but they didn’t work for me. Anovite is different. These products really work and I tell everyone my story and offer them the same opportunity that was offered to me. It’s a way out of the rat race!

Thanks so much for starting this company. I love Anovite!


Having been in this industry for over 30 years with much success, I must say Anovite is not your typical mlm..... and it is a breath of fresh air. My wife has never been a fan of network marketing..... but she loves the professionalism, the warmth and the promptness of the commissions from Anovite. Anovite has made her a believer.


For well over 30 years I have shared nutritional products but time and time again if people did not make money fast they went to the next latest thing! Anovite is the first company I've joined that I'm getting true Customers that are ordering month after month, with many sharing them with their friends and family. If you’re looking for some of the best wholefood nutrition at a great price there is nothing better than Anovite!

If you’re looking to make extra income (just by sharing these great products) there is nothing better than Anovite! I'm finally making a good weekly income and helping people with better health and more wealth along the way!


After working in the financial services and staffing industry for over 37 years, I was motivated to change from the brick-n-mortar headaches of employees and overhead to network marketing.

I began to search for a cutting edge “new” business opportunity to channel my PASSION, I found that company in Anovite.

Anovite’s low startup costs and multi-year proven business system will allow me to run my business using my laptop/tablet and mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Anovite’s system is designed well enough to attract like-minded individuals, real people looking for a change, even if they don't have great marketing skills and/or experience.

Anovite’sproduct quality is so special, so valuable to mycustomers, so important to the success of their health and wellness that those who grab hold of the Anovite opportunity andput the easy to duplicate Anovite marketing plan to work will experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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